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review camp card


Our specially designed process shows you and your staff how to tactfully yet effectively request feedback from your customers. Hand them your branded review cards (specifically designed to maximize the number of reviews you’ll get) that come with your subscription or send them a branded email. It takes 10 seconds & has been proven to get you more 5 star reviews. You can even customize an offer on that card or email to encourage repeat business!


When you sign up, we will create your custom URL (www.review.camp/yourcompany), and that’s where your review funnel will be. Customers visit this page – on any device – and rate their experience. It’s a super-simple process that promotes your brand & encourages customers to leave you great reviews!

review funnel
review funnel tour


If a customer rates you highly, a window pops up asking them to leave you a review on any 1 or more of sites that you choose. If they rate you poorly, a form pops up apologizing, and allows them to email you feedback instantly. You’ll receive these emails right away. It gives customers a chance to vent, and it effectively prevents negative reviews from happening!  Plus, now you have visibility into your customer service issues, and you can improve your business.

99.999% UPTIME

Don’t worry about installing software or whether or not the site will go down. Our software is monitored 24/7 and hosted on the most reliable infrastructure to make sure it is available 99.999% of the time – guaranteed. That’s basically 100%!

Internet reviews affect on advertising ROI


There is a strong correlation between number and quality of customer reviews and your rankings on sites like Google and Bing. Furthermore, when a potential customer searches your company, not only does your site pop up, but so do all the review sites like Yelp, Google+, BBB, yp.com, and more. What else shows up in the search results next to those sites? You guessed it: your average review rating. review.camp helps you in both areas: quantity & quality, which boosts your SEO efforts!


Your review funnel can be customized with links to your social media sites, and you can automatically post good reviews to your social media pages! Your review camp review funnel can also include a customized offer or coupon to help encourage customers to review your business and do business with you again.

review funnel custom offer
real-time review monitoring


You want your finger on the pulse of your business, right? You or any of your staff can be notified nearly instantly via email when a customer leaves a new review for your business on any of the sites you are monitoring. Be in the know, and be able to respond to these reviews right away – good or bad. No longer will you have to manually check review sites or take days to respond to customers. You will be a customer service rockstar with real-time review monitoring!

The Power of EMAIL

Email features & integrations

mailchimp integration


We’ve created an integration with the world’s most popular email marketing platform, Mailchimp. Every time you upload emails or send them out, they can be automatically added to your email marketing list, so you can remarket to them. Eliminate the tedious double-entry, and let review camp’s integration help you start getting more reviews and win more business today. (feature coming soon)


Already have an email list? Collecting emails from customers already? Upload your list and review camp will start an email drip campaign, sending customized emails to your list at specified intervals. This is a great way to jump-start your feedback gathering & get your review campaigns moving in the right direction!

email drip campaigns for good reviews
review email invites


When logged in to the interface, instantly send a request for feedback to a customer’s email address with just a few clicks of the button. This makes getting reviews even easier! Now the customer can do it right on their phone or when it’s convenient for them. Customers could be on the phone with you or thousands of miles away. Let review camp do the heavy lifting. Oh yeah, and these emails will automatically be added to your MailChimp email marketing list!


Could we make it any easier to ask for & get good reviews? Yes! With our SMS text capability, you can send a text message from your review.camp interface directly to customers. All they have to do is click on the link in the text to leave feedback. Text messages are fully customizable, too!

Text message customers

Integrate With Your Website

review stream on website


Post 4 & 5-star reviews on your website as you get them for potential customer to see. Build trust & win more business!


Embed a “Review Us” button right inside your website to encourage visitors to give you feedback, & get even more reviews!

embed review us button
embed review funnel


Or, embed your entire full-featured review funnel right inside your website. What a great way to get more great reviews!

review camp FAQ

Do I have to sign a contract?

Absolutely not! Our terms are month-to-month, and you will never be locked in. There is absolutely no risk.

Are there multi-location discounts?

Yes! We have special pricing for businesses that need to track multiple business units or location. Inquire here to find out about how we can help you.

How much does it cost?

Our plans are SUPER affordable and start at $99/mo. Actually, review camp is a great return on investment. It’s been shown that an increase of just 1 star in your average rating can yield 5%-9% in additional revenue to your whole business! See our plans & pricing here.

Do I actually need this software?

A good online reputation is first and foremost with any marketing strategy. Read why you need review camp here or get a free reputation report to see how your business can benefit from review camp.


Are you ready to see how review camp can help your score five stars? Schedule a demo today.