Google Removes Reviews in new Google Plus – And What to Do

So you’ve probably noticed the recent Google+ page redesign and wondering why it happened. You’re also wondering where all your reviews went and what to do about it now…

With the Google+ Local listing redesign, their focus is on the “communities” and “collections” part of the page, but reviews are still accessible on Google Search and Maps, which have always been the primary way that users find business reviews, according to Google community manager Elizabeth Powers.  Also, you’ll notice that the local business information such as addresses, phone numbers and hours of operation have been removed from your Google+ page.  

So why did review acquisitions move to Google Maps?  There is no specific reason we have been able to find anywhere as to why this change was made. The most likely reason is that it’s quickly becoming its own mini social experience where users can easily leave reviews and share photos. Google is probably trying to segregate their products and the specific uses of each.

So where do you find your reviews? You can still find them in Google search & Google maps.


  1. Search for “your business name” in the Google search bar and click on the “more information” tab (see picture below) if the box is not already expanded. This will display the business profile. Note: if your business has more than one location, include the location next to your business name in the search bar, such as “yes plumbing hazel crest”.

Google Search Results for Reviews

  1. Reviews will appear in the listing. You can click on the link to see them or click on write a review.Write Google Review
  2. The “Rate & Review” screen will pop up for users to leave a review. If you’re updating your review funnel page, copy & paste this link into your profile editor so that when customers click on your Google link, it will take them directly to this review box.

Write google review

This is how a multi-location business would appear in search results. It’s just a matter of clicking on the correct location.

multilocation business google search

Once correct location is selected, click on “Write a Review”. Copy this link for use in your review funnel.


For finding reviews on google maps:


  1.   Search “Your Business Name + location (or zip code)” in Google Maps search bar.

Google Maps Reviews

  1.   Scroll to the bottom of the business profile and click on “Write a Review”.google review on maps
  2.  The “Rate & Review” screen appears. NOTE: You must use the Google search results link from above to update your review funnel. Copying & pasting this link into your profile won’t work!


These new review processes on Google can discourage customers from leaving reviews because it takes a few extra steps and additional time (if they’re used to using Google plus). If it wasn’t hard to get Google reviews for your business before, then prepare for a little difficulty with that now. To avoid a drop in attaining customer reviews, have an easy & automatic process and system in place such as where your customers can leave you feedback. With, your customers can be directly connected with the “Rate & Review” box on review sites which can increase the number of reviews your business gets. It’s as simply as updating the link in your profile inside the admin interface: update google review link

If you’re interested in learning about how can help your business get more 5-star reviews, contact us or schedule a demo.


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