Claim your Yelp! Business Listing

Claim your Yelp! Business Listing: Quick How-To

Why is Yelp important?

Studies have shown that 85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses, and being listed on review sites such as Yelp helps your business with its online presence and brand visibility. Claiming your business on Yelp allows you to manage your business information, share photos with customers and respond to customer reviews, which can help improve customer engagement. In addition, online reviews are critical for your local SEO strategy, so this (among a multitude of other reasons) puts reputation management at the foundation of every marketing strategy.


  1. Go to and click on “Claim your Business”.Claim Yelp! Listing
  2. Search for your business along with the address.Find business listing Yelp!
  3. If your business isn’t listed, then go to to create an account. If your business is listed, click on “Claim this Business”.yelp listing3
  4. You’ll be asked to create a business owner account or log into your existing account to claim this listing.Yelp! business listings
  5. Click on “Call Me Now” to prompt Yelp to call your listed business phone number for verification. Enter the code on your phone to verify.Yelp! Listing phone number claim


What if the listed phone number is incorrect?

If you aren’t able to claim your business on Yelp using phone verification, you’ll receive a prompt to submit a report to their Support team, which will include information about your business and the time of the attempt that they can use to assist you.

Remember – it’s very important to also ensure that the data on your page is not only correct, but consistent as well. Search engines don’t like when your business has multiple different addresses or phone numbers (or names or websites!) for one location. Take the time to ensure all data on all websites matches exactly, and you’ll be one big step closer to SEO success.

Now you’re ready to tackle the most important task yet: building and managing your online reputation!



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